Battery capacity: The 200Wp tent is planned to supply a television, a laptop, a refrigerator, LED lights and a phone charger for 5 hours, the 400 Wp tent supplies these items for 7 hours and the 600 Wp tent supplies them for 12 hours. From another perspective: the 200 Wp tent maintains a laptop, a phone and LED lights for 12 hours. A 400 Wp tent maintains a refrigerator, a laptop, a phone charger and LED lights for about 10-12 hours. So you can use the envisaged tools during a whole night.


Installation: The installation does not require any expertise. During designing, we have taken care to ensure that the product is as safe as possible for untrained users as well. Optimally, the installation consists of placing the panels and connecting the cables to the right place. The next steps are turning on the power system and personalization. The Medium and Large Tent already have 7” touch screens that shows tutorial video that helps to set up the tent and install the system. The system of the Large Tent is able to determine the direction of the tent with the help of a compass and suggests that the tent should be positioned in the direction of which the solar cells will be optimal according to their longitude and latitude.